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There are 2 results of studying with us

You will:

1) Speak fluent English with a general or regional American, Australian, British or Canadian accent for multiple beneficial purposes including social, travel and presenting.

2) Be fully prepared for English-speaking acting roles in:

  • Movies – Including those produced in Hollywood, Los Angeles and Pinewood, London.
  • Television – Dramas, soap operas, sitcoms, documentaries and commercials.
  • Stage plays and shows – Inclusive of those on New York’s Broadway and London’s West End.


This is because you will experience a dramatic improvement in your:

  • Fluency – Presenting the same image of yourself when speaking in English as you do in your mother-tongue.
  • Accent – Being perceived as a native speaker.
  • Confidence to perform in English – Able to focus on your acting rather than on your English, so that you can act in English just as well as you do in your mother-tongue.
  • Reading proficiency – Especially movie, television and stage scripts.
  • Command of correct pronunciation, diction and intonation – Communicating clearly in English.
  • Knowledge of vocabulary – Including terminology relevant to the field of Show Business and the subject matter of the scripts being role-played.
  • Conversation and comprehension skills – Slang, small-talk, informal and formal English.